Friday, June 5, 2015

Welcome Diners to the NEW Diner Beta Blog!

I dropped this Blog on FREE space as a new Backup for The Doomstead Diner, which has been experiencing numerous issues over the last week.  (if the Diner is still up, that link might open!)

This blog will be very simple, with just text from articles from the original Diner Blog, sans formatting, sans multi-media etc.

We are still working on restoring the original Diner and intend to keep that going as long as possible, but this along with other experiences teach us that it is just a temporary thing and can disappear rapidly on any given day.

There is also a Diner Beta Forum located on free space on Create-a-Forum.

Now, currently this Blog does not have any of the old articles on it from the original Diner Blog.  We hope to have them all restored in a day or two, at which time I will start pasting over some of them here as an Archive of the text and links.  It will take quite some time before I get them all over here, if I do before I croak.  Any new articles I write I will try to remember to paste a copy here when I Publish on the hopefully resrrected Diner Alpha Blog.

The Beta Forum has NONE of the original material dropped on by Diners over the years.  The Beta Forum is mainly just an emergency location for Diner addicts to go to if the Diner itself is down, for whatever reason.

I'll add articles in more or less chronological order from when they were published originally on the Diner, but I may stray from that from time to time.  This Blog will contain ONLY the work of Native Diners, not all the other Bloggers we Cross Posted on the original Diner.

Hopefully, nobody ever will read this Blog because the origina Diner is still operating and percolating on Collapse.  But, it will provide a Backup for the next crash of the Diner, now through 6 of its 9 Lives.


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